Thursday, 13 September 2012

Time to give my magazine internship a mention....

From 21 May-  8 June 2012 I was given the amazing oportunity to intern at  my favourite  celebrity gossip, fashion and beauty magazine Reveal. An absolute dream come true for a budding fashion journalist like myself.

  I can safely say, it has been an experience I will never ever forget. I mean seriously, when your job is to run around London to different  press launches, where you are only really required to sip champagne,  gaze in awe at beautiful clothes and receive freebies you can hardly complain!

That's not even the start of it. I don't know about you, but I'm a bit of a fan of reality TV show Made in Chelsea. Not only, did I have the chance to write up an interview about MIC star Jamie Laing, but I assisted in styling Louise Thompson.

I even had fun working in the fashion cupboard, returning gorgeous clothes and accessories to PR companies and phoning PR's to arrange for sample products to be sent to Reveal. So much invaluable experience.

I never imagined it would be possible to enjoy work this much. I spent my  time at Reveal  loving every moment and was almost saddened at the thought of going home. The experience has given me a real taste of the future. They also sent me a box full of beauty goodies, I haven't had to buy perfume all summer!

Here are some of the photos I took whilst I was at Reveal...

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