Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Little Bu Nail Polishes Review


Patricia Dente is the founder and creator of LittleBu nail polishes for “sweetly sophisticated girls.”  Not only in vibrant colour ways made to stand out, for those of us who love to look fabulous. But a perfect and safe gift for your little darlings with a water-based, non toxic and easy wash-off formula which drys in just two minutes.  allowing a young lady to paint her nails perfectly, giving them that much coveted professional salon-look finish.  What sets these gorgeous nail coats apart from others is their cute girlish names to reflect different characteristics giving the nail polishes a touch of playfulness.
LittleBu Nails Polishes
Of course there was no doubt in my mind that these nail polishes couldn’t be tried by adults too.  I couldn’t wait to try  LittleBu, the nail polishes which have well and truly pushed nail painting to a whole new level.  No toxic varnish remover necessary, just sweet smelling soap and splashes of warm water.
I had the chance to try two gorgeous colours of  either shimmering raspberry pink called‘Alexi’  to a pearly magenta called ‘Stella’ from LittleBu’s debut collection.
LittleBu Nails Polishes
LittleBu Nails Polishes
I used three coats for the ultimate in nail perfection and lasting colour, which remained until faced with warm water. For those of us who are indecisive about which nail colour to pick, this polish is perfect. You can wear a bright pink or purple suitable for a girly party and the polish will remain right up until you have a shower or bath which washes the polish of in no time at all (I tried this) ready for when you want to let creativity rip on a brand new day and try more.LittleBu are in all shades of the rainbow, meaning you can colour coordinate with each outfit.
Either that or washing your hands in warm soapy water will do the trick. (you can see how quickly the warm water has removed the polish from my thumbnail here.)
LittleBu Nails Polishes
Overall, my nails loved looking pretty in pink or purple with LittleBu’s exquisite polishes, I was chuffed, not to mention amazed at how quickly the polish could be removed. I have to say “I Luv LittleBu” and so will you!
little bu polish
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Written by Olivia Todd