Monday, 11 November 2013


Are you like me and find that sometimes the hassle of removing your make-up is just that little bit tedious? Wish there was an all-in-one long-lasting product that did the job just as effectively? Well look no further.
 Cor has created the ultimate in cleansing, toning and moisturising and it’s all packed into one sweet and citrusy soap, as part of their silver series of skin products. A 120g bar retails at £100you might find to be a bit of a princely fee at first glance but it lasts forever (well 9 months to be precise) which is…super! A real investment. You may want to start off with the 10g for£15.00 to see results, so don’t get thrown off by price.
The silver soap product aims to remove all make-up and target any skin issues – so evening out your skin tone, ridding your skin of unwanted sunspots and blemishes. From using this product each day for 5 days I can already see the difference. After lathering the soap onto my skin and then rinsing with warm water my skins touch was soft and silky and looked bright and blemish-free. I’m usually a bit reluctant to use soap on my face, as previously it’s caused my skin to feel dry and irritated – but I have to say I was truly impressed with this product as it did none of this.
I would definitely recommend this product to those of you who are looking for something simple and quick, meanwhile giving your skin an ultra deep clean.
It nourishes your skins, reduces the signs of ageing and had anti-bacterial healing properties.  What more could you want, not to mention need.  You can purchase yours in store in travel or large sizes. The Harrods Pharmacy is located on the store’s lower ground floor, by door ten.”
Cor Silver Soap: Sophisticated Simplicity 
Otherwise visit the online UK Store at
By Olivia Todd

Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Gant recreated a typical spring day in their GANT showrooms on Basil Street, London a very refreshing sight, given the current circumstance.  Colours in vivid hues or pretty pastels were paired with transferrable prints and detailing and to set the scene - a back drop of spring flowers and trees. The evening was met with thirst-quenching fresh lemonade and delicious finger-licking canap├ęs.

Friday, 18 October 2013



As we head into winter months- it’s not just our wardrobe that changes – our skincare does too… and before those temperatures drop even lower, it’s time to rescue our skin before the full effects of winter kicks in.
Flake away dead skin cells with a good exfoliator. One I would highly recommend at the moment is MAC’s Volcanic Ash Exfoliator – dry skin will not escape this almighty scrub. The result will be:  soft and supple skin ready to take on all weather.
Moisturise more…
 cane and austin
Sooth and soak your skin in a vitamin packed green tea nourishing and retexturing cream byCane & Austin. With glycolic acid to exfoliate and brighten the skins texture you’ll be glowing in no time.
And for a little extra…
Introducing the winter elixir about to take off on QVC, Philosophy recently created a lightweight, detoxifying elixir filled with perfluorodecalin, bringing oxygen straight to the skins cells. Apart from the obvious, the perks of this product are line and blemish-free skin and with that of course – a totally youthful complexion.
Prevent those lips from chapping…
burts bees
Always carry a tube of lip balm in your handbag during these colder times, you will feel much better for it. Chapped lips are not a pretty sight and not to mention painful! Carmex or Burt’s Bee’s is a personal favorite and both give the lips a tingling sensation that make them feel less dry almost immediately.
 A super gentle cleanser…
philosophy elixir
Your skin is at its most delicate and sensitive at this time and so its paramount to make sure you don’t overdo it on acidic and heavily fragranced skincare. The Perricone MD gentle cleanser is perfect, with anti-aging benefits and nourishing olive oil ingredients.
Relax and Soak…
elemental herbology
A hot bath is the best and most relaxing way to nurture your body, when beaten by weather and a velvet skin winter body wash by Elemental Herbology should do just the trick. For extra comfort and total skin transformation , turning your skin from lacklustre to flushed and radiant this botanical body wash is a real god send.
By Olivia Todd

Friday, 4 October 2013


Having never previously owned a Wacoal bra before, I can definitely say I've been turned. A brand renowned for it's extraordinary quality and exquisite fit - I can say for sure this bra did this for me. The Wacoal perfectionist full-figure underwire bra, in a natural shade is a surefire way to perfection for a day-to-day wearing bra.

Its beautifully textured physique in striped and floral lace is soft to touch, made to fit and super comfortable. With absolutely no underwire digging in where it shouldn't. The perfectionist is a structured bra - but with no padding for those who aren't wanting to deceive, just double-lined cups to retain that natural looking shape.  Not to mention for all you bigger busted ladies - this bra keeps a firm grip on your bust, holding everything in its place. It's just perfect.

Yes, it is a little more expensive than your average bra from M & S - but totally worth investing in.

For a not so princely fee, and a whole palette of different hues you can get your hands on this ultimate luxury in lingerie at:

O x

Monday, 23 September 2013



The Swedish School of Textiles introduces its most talented designers yet, as their designs conquer the catwalk at SS14 London Fashion Week with a collection of real memory makers.
Hooking you in with a palette of subtlety, then shortly evolving into much more vivid hues of scarlet and crimson. There is nothing quite like wearing red to lift spirits and add a glimmer of magic to your springtime wardrobe. But of course not forgetting the long-time chum of the fashionista – a graphic digital print.
Still keeping that element of festivity from the Christmas months before is heavily structured cut-out designs like that of a sparkling Christmas ball or fire cracker (Emilie Alhner). Perspex, neon and a whole load of glitter.
Then, it was signature minimalism and feminine floral print meets street/nouveau punk. High-waisted shorts, clean cut wide-sleeved tops in a shade of ice blue and grey are teamed with hooded fur head-dresses and platinum blonde, slicked back, flowing tresses.  Floral rouges and rose-blushed flower print silhouettes in the form of dresses and overcoats spiral into streamlined pieces with neon printed graphics (Emma Lindqvist) and I couldn’t help but notice the designers fine attention to detail  - with an invigorating ‘street’ hand gesture imprint on the side of the models wedge heel. Svensk sval.  Next up, was the ‘punk’ element. (Gustav Felgan) Models marched with attitude, mood and persona in black military boots , baggy and oversized clothing in three wild colours of orange, white and black.  Braces, rolled up jeans and a terrifying guise – the balaclava made out in stitching to represent the eyes and mouth were the final touches to make this collection a truly menacing one.

Written by Olivia Todd

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Second Part Of The Trip: Penang, Malaysia

Here are some photos from the second part of my trip to Malaysia where me and my family ventured to the beautiful, tropical island of Penang. A much more relaxing part of the holiday where we chilled on gorgeous beaches whilst sipping on a chilled Tiger beer or Mojito and topping up our tans, ate out at restaurants and explored the night markets. 

One day however, I managed to conquer a huge fear of mine - heights. I went parasailing over and above the sea and mountains in Penang and I am very chuffed to say - I didn't find the experience as terrifying as I had imagined. In fact it wasn't scary at all. It was an experience that I will never EVER forget - the view was absolutely incredible and it is something I have always wanted to give a try but never quite had the courage to. 

Looking back on the holiday as a whole now that I am back home I can definitely say that it was a very memorable trip and would recommend that everyone takes a venture to the Far East - yes it is expensive flying out there (but book your flights early to save the cash monies) but when you're out there the food is delicious, the clothes are beautifully stylish, the scenery is the most exquisite, untouched and natural thing yo'll ever feast your eyes on and the unbelievable part is: it is ridiculously CHEAP. I'm hoping to to go to somewhere like Vietnam or Cambodia next year with friends - I simply can't get enough of travelling. It truly is enlightening. 

Friday, 16 August 2013


So you may or may not know that I am currently on holiday in Malaysia with my family. Having had an epic adventure so far, exploring the famous Patronas towers and beautiful Batu caves to trying out some delicious Malaysian cuisine at the city's well known street food markets as well as fine dining at the Bijan restaurant. I am now on my way to the stunning island of Penang. Hello glorious sandy beaches and blessings of sunshine. I can't wait, but for now I'll show you some pics from the last few days.

Olivia x

On the plane...
Shangrala hotel :)

Oh yeah and it's my birthday tomorrow - so the hotel left me this cute little cake.

Cheeky Louis Vuitton purchase hehe.

Malay beer...perhaps looking a little merry here!

Sister :) visit her YouTube channel at: thefashiondirectory

Another selfie x

Delicious chilli duck salad at CIRCUS restaurant and bar at The Pavillion shopping mall.

Victoria's Secret purchases :) (couldn't resist).

Street food market, Kuala Lumpar. such pretty lanterns!

Swim/bikini time.

My little monkey friend whom I met at the   Batu caves - cuteeee!

Bijan retaurant - beautiful atmosphere and mouth-watering cuisine, definitely recommend. 
And to finish off another photo of a slightly merry self ( drinking a mojito of course).

Monday, 12 August 2013



Atelier Paris is a makeup brand that I will definitely be trying more of. With the world’s leading make-up artists already huge fans of the range I was keen to see how their much-applauded lipgloss looked when applied on my lips. Known for its pigmented colour formulas and ultra-shine lipglosses which provide nutrients for the lips I was excited to try the Starshine lipgloss, £13.50 from the collection.
 Atelier Paris
 In a sleek and slender bottle it is all so clear as to why this gloss goes by the name ‘Starshine.’It’s a dazzling sensation, smells sweet like sugar and leaves your pout with a natural glowing shine. Just made for that special occasion or those evening cocktails.
Atelier Paris
I’m not always that impressed by the often dreaded lipgloss as they are usually too tacky, stick to your hair like moths to a flame or look far too shimmery for my liking. But this gloss is the best of all kind – it’s soft on the lips like a gentle balm, has versatility as it looks great over a block colour matte lipstick or just on its own and is the final touch you need to your glamorous evening make-up. It certainly doesn’t disappoint.
By Olivia Todd