Monday, 15 July 2013

Beach Essentials for Holiday Glamour

Beach Essentials for Holiday Glamour

Finally us Brits are seeing some sunshine!! I am so chuffed about this - after countless rainy summers it's about time too. So whilst sipping on glasses of vimto and ice and sitting out on my boyfriends balcony in this summer heat, I can't help but get excited about my soon- to- be trip to Malaysia. Of course before every holiday comes preparation to make it all worth while. I obviously have been looking up every ol' trick in the book to achieve that beach body perfection.
Daily exercise and healthy eating is an absolute must - but there is so much more that needs to be taken into account! And this is my favourite part...
Bikni shopping and holiday beauty buys. Yippee.
A new bikini for me please...
I've been eyeing up these bright beauties from Topshop recently and at just £14 for a bikini top they are definitely being snapped up by yours truly. Nothing fits better whilst on a gorgeous beach than being in some rather beautiful and flamboyant swimwear. I've opted for the whole tropical green look - but with an array of different shades from the rainbow out there - the choice really is yours.
Team your bikini with a printed kimono (I chose this cute tie dye one from RI) and a pair of cat eye sunnies and you'll really look the part - not to mention oh so glam. ( I'm hoping to achieve this come my holiday).
Now, now, you're dressed the part - but does your skin feel it too? I'm hoping to get a rather large tan whilst I'm out there - but using the right products for you is important so to avoid any sun damage, wrinkles, pigmentation, or dry and broken hair. I have selected just a few of my holiday favourites which I will need to top up on for my trip shortly.
So, you may or may not have heard of Philip Kingsley's Elastacizer - a pre shampoo treatment perfect for those of you who are like me and have colour-treated hair. Use Bubble and Bubble shine shampoo and conditioner afterwards and your tresses will never look or feel so good.
Now on holiday your nails may need a little maintenance. I usually take with me a clear strengthening nail polish (Sally Hansen's is brill) and one pretty, bold nail colour - my favourite atm would have to be O.P.I's Cajun Shrimp.
Sun screen is crucial to keeping the skin free from sun damage and burning. I love La Roche Posay's SPF gel cream for face and body and will definitely be packing this one in my suitcase.
Finally, I'm a massive fan of Caudalie Paris's creme cleansers and find the smell and texture is deliciously revitalising on the skin. But I've also been wanting to try Caudalie's beauty elixir - a gorgeous spritz which sounds perfect for cooling down and giving your skin a healthy, dewy glow. I don't tend to wear much make up on holiday during the day - to get the most out of the sun rays! But I do like to use a bit of bronzer- this shimmery bronzer from Bobbi Brown should do the trick! My face is paler than the rest of me so I like to give my cheeks a bit of colour later in the day or in the evenings. To set this in the evenings when it's still hot but not trying to catch a tan use MAC fix plus - this will assure that your make up doesn't melt or run and is a surefire way to looking fantastic on your hols!

Friday, 12 July 2013


triangle layered pendant topshop £16
I don’t know about you, but I adore this triangular shape right now – a geometric twist on the usual hoop earring giving your ensemble a tribal vibe. Pair a triangular necklace and earrings with a simple white dress  and you’ve got your perfect eveningwear.
Cat eye Sunglasses
quay bat sunglasses 
The shape du jour this season is definitely the sexy and feminine cat eye and now is the time more than any to bring out your inner retro chic. We absolutely love Lazy Oafs version of the trend – varying from classic and elegant to bursts of vibrant colour, choose whatever takes your fancy. Visit here to get yours now at just £25 a pair:
Fleuroescent Jewels
Me & Zena earrings
This season it’s all about big statement jewels with kitsch / fluoro elements. Were talking layered necklaces, bracelets and earrings in colour-popping hues that are just impossible to miss. Want to add a hint of this flamboyant trend into one of your outfits – don a pair of these gorgeous Saatchi paint heart studs at £35, in an assortment of colours at for an instant touch of neon. We adore these.
(Me & Zena Saatchi Gallery Paint Heart Earring Studs £35)
Perspex Clutch Bags
chanel perspex clutch
Now I’m sure you’ve all seen the clear plastic Chanel clutch with a rather extravagant price tag, but if you haven’t you now know what exactly has sparked off this seasons ‘it’ bag. It’s transparent, plastic and the time to hide the contents of your clutch is no longer.  You can see everything. This trend doesn’t just stop there – to modernize your look further opt for clear jewellery and shoes too -  you can rock practically Perspex anything! 

Midi Rings
me and zena freak ring
I just love a bit of ring bling and the top half of the finger seems to be the new spot to sport the new finger candy.  They come in all different styles, but at the moment I’m just loving the ‘Freak’ heart midi ring at: Me & Zena for only £14. Pair midi rings with the more conventional lower ring and you’re sure to rock this trend.

Floral headbands
 floral headband
A trend halfway between hippie chic and Lana Del Rey – like the rings of flowers you see being sported at festivals but bigger
and better.  This trend isn’t just meant for festivals.
By Olivia Todd


The Discovery Box is my new thing. You're probably wondering what is that? Well basically it's a little treasure box full of the latest perfume samples and £60 worth of vouchers from The Fragrance Shop, meaning you can get up to £10 your chosen perfume. I received mine yesterday!You can apply for yours via the website if you visit here:

The great thing about perfume samples is they are so handy when on a night out as they are small enough to keep in your purse or handbag and if you're like me then topping up your perfume on a night out is an absolute MUST. 

This not persuade you enough yet?

What those of you who are searching for a new perfume and want to remember what each smells like? 

Or how about popping the sample in your wardrobe or underwear draws- This is one of my old tricks - make your clothing smell just as good as you do!!


Monday, 8 July 2013

MAKE UP TUTORIAL: Night Out Routine

Step 1:

I use my Caudalie Paris creme almond milk and cornflower cleanser to remove any dirt or leftover make up from my face. I absolutely love this cleanser - after having a make over at Space N.K they used this creme cleanser and I felt so revitalised afterwards and at a bargain price of £15.00 I just had to grab one. After this I always use my Moisture match Garnier moisturiser  which I think is around £4.99 - I usually get really dry skin if I don't moisturise so this is an absolute must in my routine. 

Step 2:

I tend to also use first my benefit concealer, it's has a really matte finish and the two colours (one light and medium) work really well under my eyes at covering up any dark circles or slight colour pigmentation. After using this, I use a coin sized amount of Revlon 'Skin Perfector' BB cream - I just use my fingertips to spread this over my face, it evens out your skin tone and covers any blemishes - would work really well if you just wanted a light coverage for holidays or sunny weather.

Step 3:

I then take one of the smaller brushes from my Bobbi Brown brush set and apply NARS Sheer Glow foundation in shade Punjab Medium to my t zone and under eyes for an allover coverage. I would really recommend this foundation - its so light weight and creates a really professional - dewy complexion perfect for summer. I think it costs around £30 which is quite expensive for a foundation but definitely worth it - the only thing I would say is you might want to buy a pump for this pot of foundation as it just comes with a  screw lid and requires more effort when doing your make up. 

Step 4:

After applying my foundation I use a really cheapy face powder just to set the make up and give it a lasting matte finish. The powder I am using is called MUA powder and costs around £3 but it works for me. I don't think you necessarily need to use an expensive make of powder, especially if you find a cheaper one does the job. 

Step 5:

Here you can see I'm starting to now work on my eyebrows - I'm really in the process of trying to grow them a bit longer now so I feel very strange if i don't fill my eyebrows in with an eyebrow pencil and on a night out I think it makes all the difference. The one I use is just a basic eyebrow pencil from Rimmel I use the colour Hazel which works for me, but they do lots of different shades so you can take your pick and find the one that suits you. Another bonus is that it doesn't burn a hole in your pocket - I think this is only around £3.99 maybe slightly more or less but I've tried loads of different brands over the years and this is the one I find to be the best. 

Step 6:

Now, my favourite part to my make up routine - doing my eyes! Since getting this NAKED 2 palette by Urban Decay I have loved applying different eye shadow tones to my eyelids and I could not live without it. This palette brightens up your whole face. When applying my eyeshadow I tend to use one of the light goldy shades in the corner of my eyelid and then gradually get darker and darker as  move out towards the end of the lid - I didn't really copy this technique from anywhere, you'll just find that with this palette you can't help but practise your eye make up and find the look thats best for you. 

Step 7:

I always apply my mascara after my eyeshadow to avoid any smudges which tends to ruin the whole thing. The mascara I'm using at the moment is a Magnetic Lash builder and then the matching mascara on top which was given to me during my time at Reveal magazine. Once the mascara has dried a little I apply Rimmel ScandalEyes eye liner in grey - just on the waterline and top of the lid near the lash and a cheapy black pencil eyeliner which I think is by Miss Sporty just for a more dramatic look. 

Step 8:

Now the all important lips to work that pout with. I apply Mac lipstick in shade Speed Dial - I am a big fan of MAC lipstick the colours are beaut and they tend to last a while on the lips. For a little bit of a glossy look I apply Apocalips by Rimmel - forgotten the name but its a light pinky colour which sits really nicely on the lips and gives you a real plumped up look.

Step 9:

Last things last - I apply a pressed powder bronzer on my cheeks fore head and nose for a lovely summer glow. The rest of me is pretty tanned compared to my face so it's good to always match my face to my skin when I go out - especially when theres the possibility of a photo!

And here is the end result!
Let me know what you think :)