Monday, 8 July 2013

MAKE UP TUTORIAL: Night Out Routine

Step 1:

I use my Caudalie Paris creme almond milk and cornflower cleanser to remove any dirt or leftover make up from my face. I absolutely love this cleanser - after having a make over at Space N.K they used this creme cleanser and I felt so revitalised afterwards and at a bargain price of £15.00 I just had to grab one. After this I always use my Moisture match Garnier moisturiser  which I think is around £4.99 - I usually get really dry skin if I don't moisturise so this is an absolute must in my routine. 

Step 2:

I tend to also use first my benefit concealer, it's has a really matte finish and the two colours (one light and medium) work really well under my eyes at covering up any dark circles or slight colour pigmentation. After using this, I use a coin sized amount of Revlon 'Skin Perfector' BB cream - I just use my fingertips to spread this over my face, it evens out your skin tone and covers any blemishes - would work really well if you just wanted a light coverage for holidays or sunny weather.

Step 3:

I then take one of the smaller brushes from my Bobbi Brown brush set and apply NARS Sheer Glow foundation in shade Punjab Medium to my t zone and under eyes for an allover coverage. I would really recommend this foundation - its so light weight and creates a really professional - dewy complexion perfect for summer. I think it costs around £30 which is quite expensive for a foundation but definitely worth it - the only thing I would say is you might want to buy a pump for this pot of foundation as it just comes with a  screw lid and requires more effort when doing your make up. 

Step 4:

After applying my foundation I use a really cheapy face powder just to set the make up and give it a lasting matte finish. The powder I am using is called MUA powder and costs around £3 but it works for me. I don't think you necessarily need to use an expensive make of powder, especially if you find a cheaper one does the job. 

Step 5:

Here you can see I'm starting to now work on my eyebrows - I'm really in the process of trying to grow them a bit longer now so I feel very strange if i don't fill my eyebrows in with an eyebrow pencil and on a night out I think it makes all the difference. The one I use is just a basic eyebrow pencil from Rimmel I use the colour Hazel which works for me, but they do lots of different shades so you can take your pick and find the one that suits you. Another bonus is that it doesn't burn a hole in your pocket - I think this is only around £3.99 maybe slightly more or less but I've tried loads of different brands over the years and this is the one I find to be the best. 

Step 6:

Now, my favourite part to my make up routine - doing my eyes! Since getting this NAKED 2 palette by Urban Decay I have loved applying different eye shadow tones to my eyelids and I could not live without it. This palette brightens up your whole face. When applying my eyeshadow I tend to use one of the light goldy shades in the corner of my eyelid and then gradually get darker and darker as  move out towards the end of the lid - I didn't really copy this technique from anywhere, you'll just find that with this palette you can't help but practise your eye make up and find the look thats best for you. 

Step 7:

I always apply my mascara after my eyeshadow to avoid any smudges which tends to ruin the whole thing. The mascara I'm using at the moment is a Magnetic Lash builder and then the matching mascara on top which was given to me during my time at Reveal magazine. Once the mascara has dried a little I apply Rimmel ScandalEyes eye liner in grey - just on the waterline and top of the lid near the lash and a cheapy black pencil eyeliner which I think is by Miss Sporty just for a more dramatic look. 

Step 8:

Now the all important lips to work that pout with. I apply Mac lipstick in shade Speed Dial - I am a big fan of MAC lipstick the colours are beaut and they tend to last a while on the lips. For a little bit of a glossy look I apply Apocalips by Rimmel - forgotten the name but its a light pinky colour which sits really nicely on the lips and gives you a real plumped up look.

Step 9:

Last things last - I apply a pressed powder bronzer on my cheeks fore head and nose for a lovely summer glow. The rest of me is pretty tanned compared to my face so it's good to always match my face to my skin when I go out - especially when theres the possibility of a photo!

And here is the end result!
Let me know what you think :)


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  1. great tutorial! your make up looks lovely, it's so natural and pretty :) thank you for visiting my blog, I am following you back now :) xx