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The Discovery Box

The Discovery Box is my new thing. You're probably wondering  what is that? Well basically it's a little treasure box full of the latest perfume samples and £60 worth of vouchers from The Fragrance Shop, meaning you can get up to £10 off of your chosen perfume. I received mine yesterday!You can apply for yours via the website if you visit here:

The great thing about perfume samples is they are so handy when on a night out as they are small enough to keep in your purse or handbag and if you're like me then topping up your perfume on a night out is an absolute MUST. 

This not persuade you enough yet?

What about those of you who are searching for a new perfume and want to remember what each smells like? 

Or how about popping the sample in your wardrobe or underwear draws- This is one of my old tricks - make your clothing smell just as good as you do!!


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