Friday, 16 August 2013


So you may or may not know that I am currently on holiday in Malaysia with my family. Having had an epic adventure so far, exploring the famous Patronas towers and beautiful Batu caves to trying out some delicious Malaysian cuisine at the city's well known street food markets as well as fine dining at the Bijan restaurant. I am now on my way to the stunning island of Penang. Hello glorious sandy beaches and blessings of sunshine. I can't wait, but for now I'll show you some pics from the last few days.

Olivia x

On the plane...
Shangrala hotel :)

Oh yeah and it's my birthday tomorrow - so the hotel left me this cute little cake.

Cheeky Louis Vuitton purchase hehe.

Malay beer...perhaps looking a little merry here!

Sister :) visit her YouTube channel at: thefashiondirectory

Another selfie x

Delicious chilli duck salad at CIRCUS restaurant and bar at The Pavillion shopping mall.

Victoria's Secret purchases :) (couldn't resist).

Street food market, Kuala Lumpar. such pretty lanterns!

Swim/bikini time.

My little monkey friend whom I met at the   Batu caves - cuteeee!

Bijan retaurant - beautiful atmosphere and mouth-watering cuisine, definitely recommend. 
And to finish off another photo of a slightly merry self ( drinking a mojito of course).

Monday, 12 August 2013



Atelier Paris is a makeup brand that I will definitely be trying more of. With the world’s leading make-up artists already huge fans of the range I was keen to see how their much-applauded lipgloss looked when applied on my lips. Known for its pigmented colour formulas and ultra-shine lipglosses which provide nutrients for the lips I was excited to try the Starshine lipgloss, £13.50 from the collection.
 Atelier Paris
 In a sleek and slender bottle it is all so clear as to why this gloss goes by the name ‘Starshine.’It’s a dazzling sensation, smells sweet like sugar and leaves your pout with a natural glowing shine. Just made for that special occasion or those evening cocktails.
Atelier Paris
I’m not always that impressed by the often dreaded lipgloss as they are usually too tacky, stick to your hair like moths to a flame or look far too shimmery for my liking. But this gloss is the best of all kind – it’s soft on the lips like a gentle balm, has versatility as it looks great over a block colour matte lipstick or just on its own and is the final touch you need to your glamorous evening make-up. It certainly doesn’t disappoint.
By Olivia Todd

Monday, 5 August 2013

Just for the Weekend

So I haven't posted on here for a little bit...probably because I've been up and down like a yoyo from London, Canary Wharf back to my lovely home in Winchtown, Hampshire. As hectic as it has been going on copious amounts of train journeys back and forth - I really do love to finish my busy week of work with a trip back to some good ol' countryside. As living in 'suit city' really does make me miss those towering trees and fields of green. 

And of course with a visit back home comes all of those home comforts which I really do long for when I'm surrounded by tower blocks and skyscrapers. This last weekend I had the luxury of indulging in all of my favourite food, took trips to the beautiful New Forest (not far from me) and of course got to see my lovely family and cute little pooch Alfie. Here are some pics from my last few days :).