Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Digging up the old...college fashion.

I was taking a glimpse through some of my old photo albums and came across some "straight ups" I made, which were highly influenced by the blog "The Sartorialist", showing the relationship between fashion and daily life by photographing street fashion in different locations. Mine however, are of college fashion and were taken around the grounds of my college and I'm rather fond of them...enjoy!

O x

One to watch out for: Lana Del Rey

I have recently been listening to music by the beautiful artist Lana Del Rey and I just love her retro style.
False eye lashes, bouncy curls and a big lippy pout, is what she's known for. Her vibrant dress sense screams spring/summer.

O x

Quote of the day

You fit me better than my favourite sweater.
O x

Monday, 2 January 2012

Cup of tea for me...

Who is silly enough to be up past midnight? ...well I am obviously. I'm sat, glued to my computer screen, drinking copious amounts of tea and window shopping...well sort of, browsing online.

Here are a few things that have caught my eye!

O x

Coloured skull ring, Topshop, £10.00
Navy fringe Tellulah bag, Urban Outfitters, £150.00

Shoe Lovin'

.I've got a real love for shoes. 
Thank you Santa baby for bringing me these leopard print beauties from Topshop. Those who know me, will know that I have an ever so slight obsession with leopard print. With it being January already, there isn't much time to wear these, very upsetting I know. So, I intend to make the most of my new shoe boots (never taking them off) living and sleeping in  them? I should think so!

O x

Health Resolutions

After weeks of indulging in sweet, sickly and fatening food, I feel it's time for a detox, not to mention a  trip to the gym. I don't know about you but over the Christmas holidays, when it comes to healthy eating and exercise, I've been seriously slacking. As enjoyable as it was, it's the new year and I've promised to give myself a huge health KICK. Afterall, I want to be looking my best for the new Spring/Summer 2012 fashion.

As expected, we are seeing the nautical look feature again in this year's SS fashion, but with a creative twist - "Sea Chic."

This is not the usual navy blue, striped sailor look. It's an under-water style. Chanel's "Under-water world" collaboration on the catwalk, shows gorgeous layers of floaty chiffon in colours of blue, coral and  sea green, teamed with white jackets and gorgeous Chanel flats.

It's oh so glamorous and taken nautical fashion onto a whole new level. I love it.


The start of a new year and my first post on my new and updated blog. New experiences and new journeys are to be had and of course many more exciting tales to tell. Happy New Year. O x