Friday, 4 October 2013


Having never previously owned a Wacoal bra before, I can definitely say I've been turned. A brand renowned for it's extraordinary quality and exquisite fit - I can say for sure this bra did this for me. The Wacoal perfectionist full-figure underwire bra, in a natural shade is a surefire way to perfection for a day-to-day wearing bra.

Its beautifully textured physique in striped and floral lace is soft to touch, made to fit and super comfortable. With absolutely no underwire digging in where it shouldn't. The perfectionist is a structured bra - but with no padding for those who aren't wanting to deceive, just double-lined cups to retain that natural looking shape.  Not to mention for all you bigger busted ladies - this bra keeps a firm grip on your bust, holding everything in its place. It's just perfect.

Yes, it is a little more expensive than your average bra from M & S - but totally worth investing in.

For a not so princely fee, and a whole palette of different hues you can get your hands on this ultimate luxury in lingerie at:

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