Thursday, 15 January 2015

43 Face Spa Experience


43 Face is the new go-to-place when it comes to the ultimate pamper session. It’s a beauty and skin clinic all wrapped into one, standing in the place of Jade Jaggers old jewellery shop on the iconic All Saints Road, Notting Hill. If you’ve been on a hunt for a facial that works real magic and a facial experience unlike any other then I would definitely recommend 43 Face. At this gem of a place you certainly are given the whole VIP treatment from start to finish.
On arrival, I was greeted unexpectedly by fashion mannequins dressed head-to-toe in Game of Thrones gear and honestly you would never guess that what lies beneath is a skin clinic with unique, expert facials to tantalise the taste buds of all skin and beauty gurus. But I loved the quirkiness of it all.
If you explore the space a little more you can find a wall of fame, filled with polaroid snap shots of celebrities whom have visited the clinic and just in front of it, a coffee table is filled with high-end fashion publications. There is a real eclectic mix of themes, a beachy bamboo sofa verses red velvet carpet and glittering light-fixture, creating a real bohemian and enchanting atmosphere. This would certainly make the perfect spot for a fashionista.
Already I could tell that 43 face was unlike any other skin clinic I had visited before and I was very intrigued to meet the man behind the face.
The founder, Gibran Registe-Charles , was very welcoming and extremely passionate about his skin treatments at 43 Face. Whilst having their famous Dragons Blood Facial (a celeb favorite) he told me, “ I see each new face as a blank canvas, a work of art.” It is clear that the 43 face ethos is to provide a facial experience that is specially suited to them as an individual, with just one man doing all the work you are given a real sense of exclusivity and this is one of the many things that makes this clinic so remarkable.
I was led into a candle-lit room where tranquil music is playing and then the facial begins. A gorgeous and sumptuous cleansing scrub was applied to my face to remove any make up, along with a relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage. Other pre-facial treatment prep included a soft steaming which seemed to go on for quite some time. I have never been one for steam rooms and so when this part of the facial prep began I was a little anxious. However, it was a lot more pleasant than expected and I definitely felt as though it was clearing out all of my pores.
Then the treatment I was most intrigued about was applied to my face – the dragon’s blood. But don’t be alarmed by its name, it wasn’t real dragons blood (although it did look a little similar to blood) but in fact a South American tree sap renowned for its healing qualities. On the 43 face website this facial promises “Skin Tightening”, “Intensive Healing” and even to banish acne. The treatment felt like a thick gel which gradually hardened and smelt like unearthed soil. Once removed, a collagen formula was applied to my face – this was the final touch and I can truly say I felt completely and utterly revived.
(Pictured above Gibran Registe-Charles)
When I looked in the mirror my face was noticeably more taught, everything looked more defined, my cheeks were plump and my skins complexion was glowing. The collagen continued to work miracles with my skin for the next couple of days! I was impressed to say the least and can’t wait to go back and try some of the other weird and wonderful facials 43 Face has to offer. As for Gibran Registe-Charles – he truly is the king of facials and will continue to, I’m sure, take the beauty industry by storm.
 So get booking now!!! Visit for your first class facial at 43 FACE!
By Olivia Todd