Thursday, 8 November 2012


  • Thursday, November 8, 2012 - 22:19
    Marynn is a young fashion illustrator from Nantes, France, aspiring to be graphic designer, whose creative juices flow best when drinking a good old 'cuppa' and a killer beat . Her work is based on fashion, predominantly street fashion, beauty, technology, jewellery and magazines  many of which she has under her name such as; WAD Magazine, Paulette Magazine, 3PetitPoints Magazine and Simone Magazine to name just a few. 
    She also designed a tribute to 'Hermes' at 'Fashion Week Illustree' - an event which brings together fashion illustrators who have to represent a  designer brand through an illustration that they have designed. Marynn was seen as at the height of talent with her beautiful illustration for 'Hermes', which was of and horse and its rider, a suitable image for a brand that specialise in leather. 

    Nomadic and geometric prints are the key focus of the illustration,  the bursts of colour, contrasted with a neutral background bringing the design to life. The designs  "refinement and sensuality" impressed the event and her illustration most definitely had a riding style. Marynn's illustrations combine fine art and graphic design elements, with fictional characters such as Alice from  'Alice in Wonderland' , youthful girls and mythical creatures, her artwork is strikingly individual, as well as eclectic, playful and feminine. 
    Words by Olivia Todd

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