Sunday, 18 November 2012


  • Thursday, November 15, 2012 - 22:40
    Get ready to luxuriate in bubble bath heaven… with the new and hottest thing that young urbanites and fashionistas are lusting after, hand crafted bath and body cosmetics company 'Dirt and Glitter' - a London brand which offers to die for hand crafted bath and body cosmetics. With intoxicatingly rich scents these beauties will definitely send your senses wild. 
    Each and every one of these gorgeous cosmetics is hand crafted by the extremely talented Sareta Gabriel - her signature being individuality and quirkiness, setting these soapy sensations apart from all others. There really is a cosmetic for everyone. From sexy pink gun soap, flavoursome jelly bean and chocolate cup cake soaps to rebellious skulls and, perhaps not for the faint hearted, brains. Just take your pick. 
    Dirt and Glitter have specially made luxury soaps suitable for 'him' and for 'her' and even have a variety of soaps for 'young'ins' or custom made 'Bridal' soaps. Whether it be a gorgeous gift or a treat just for yourself, don't miss out. 
    Words by Oliva Todd

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