Monday, 18 March 2013



Late nights and laziness in my beauty regime, where a face wipe is much quicker and far easier than putting in more of an effort to cleanse, tone and moisturise my face, has truly taken its toll on my skin. Dark circles and blackheads had taken over. Until I tried 3 brand new Montagne Jeunesse face masks, with fun new flavours. All I had to do was lean back  and relax, pressing the mask down on my skin for the ultimate impact. I was wowed by the effects!
I removed all of my make-up using simple face wipes and then my Santa Maria Novella cleanser and toner and then applied each of the following face masks. It takes a while to get the mask into the perfect position, but once the eyes, nose and mouth are all in the right place, you can begin to enjoy your face mask experience.
The crushed Arctic Cloudberries ” Glacial Clay Spa” face mask to give my skin a “sensational skin clean”  smelt delicious and was almost good to eat! The mask was easy to  apply,  coming in a clay infused fabric form,  moulded to fit my face perfectly. When placed over my face, i felt a cooling sensation, which was very relaxing. Within 30 minutes, my face felt much softer, dark circles under my eyes had virtually disappeared and skin felt clear and fresh.
Dead Sea Mud Spa
The pressed sea kelp, ” Dead Sea Mud Spa” face mask felt like the most natural ingredient to put on my face. Harvesting all of the oceans nutrients and promoting healthy looking skin through skin hydration, sounded just like what I needed. It’s unique formula removed all my impurities (white heads, black heads and smoothed out my skins lines) and left my skin looking brand new.
The crushed pomegranate and spicy cinnamon “Red Earth Clay Spa” face mask. All I can say is prepare yourselves and your skin for this incredible deep cleansing journey. This was my favourite face mask of the three, not only did it have the sweetest scent, but I felt a fiery sensation, which felt as though the mask was truly sucking out all the impurities and completely rejuvenating my skin. My skin has never looked more radiant, for once I felt happy with my skin completely bare.
To get hold of these bad boys visit the Montagne Jeunesse website
By Olivia Todd

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