Entrepreneurs from Amsterdam, but currently living in Africa discovered that the continents level of manufactured products was seriously lacking. For a land which is penchant for its cocoa, crude oil and coffee beans , it does not benefit as much of these natural products are exported to western countries and China to be recreated and sold at a far higher price, just a teeny bit unfair (note my sarcasm).
‘Blackstar’ was founded as a result of this; the idea in mind was to make bikes out of bamboo sourced from Ghana, which were sustainable and natural, but also ultra-stylish, urban transportation.  With this philosophy, ‘Blackstar’ intend on supporting Africa’s labor force and entrepreneurs, giving the inhabitants employment and saving the future of African trade, along with  stressing the important of green consumption and environmental values.  Blackstar bikes are not only strikingly unique, but for an amazing cause. Bring out your urban rider. 
Words by Olivia Todd