Friday, 14 June 2013

H & M Meets Parisian Chicness

H & M is my absolute fave and high street go to when it comes to picking up gorgeously fashionable clothing and accessories without forking out a bloody fortune! Accuse my language. But it's too true and I swear Hennes really are ticking all the fashion boxes. 

So as you can imagine I was very excited when i heard news of Isabel Marant joining forces with the Swedish high street brand. Delivering an ecclectic mix and unique urban take on French allure - Isabel Marant summed up...  I cannot wait to feast my eyes on the "TRES CHIC" A/W collection come November 14th. 

Not only is this collection for us ladies - but the parisian designer is also ( for the first time ever) creating a collection for men. Definitely taking my boyfriend on a shopping spree!

 I'm sure like me you will all be spending those precious pennies when it hits that Autumn/Winter season  and get your hands on some of the must haves in this collection. Exciting stuff!



  1. Oo this is exciting. I really do like H&M, it's like topshop but cheaper.
    Love it.

    Love Em x

  2. Haha I know right! Love H & M atm thanks for following sweet :) xx