Thursday, 4 October 2012

Picture This: My Weekend

After a hectic couple of weeks, getting back into the swing of uni life, you know the usual penny scrimping, going out drinking days of being a student. I really felt as though I needed a weekend back in the luxury of my family home. Home-cooking, bubble baths and a big comfy bed are just a few of the things I love to luxuriate in when back at home. As well as to see my lovely family and Alfie the dog. Here are just a few photos I took during my stay...just looking at them makes me wish I was home!

Mums food is so good. Yumiest salad ever. 

Chilled: interneting, mmm salad, reading mags,  cup of tea for me.

The most delicous cupcakes from my lovely next door neighbour.

Alfie dog.

ghds and Lee Stafford hair growth products - amazing prezzies from my lovely mum.

Me messing around in my garden.


  1. That salad looks amazing!!
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