Saturday, 21 April 2012

Two-tone Trend

Why have one colour when you can have two? In an array of shapes and sizes, two tone has got to be the hottest handbag trend this season.  Marc Jacobs, Victoria Beckham, Derek Lam and Diane von Furstenberg all sent their spring/ summer 2012 collection of  bi-coloured hand bag down the catwalk  in New York and London and created a“colour frenzy” with their vibrant and slightly “out-there” two tone styled hand bags.
Whilst there were glimpses of pastels, the majority showed pastels paired with contrasting colours of teal, berry, canary, grape ,  hot tangerine in and many more bright, bold shades from the rainbow.

The unusual and unexpected colour combinations caused a stir on the runways this season and  left fashionistas eager to get their hands on their own “must-have” two-tone handbag. Sporting a colour block, two-tone handbag isn’t quite as drastic as a whole vibrant coloured outfit, but it has the same effect, without being too “in your face” and is equally as stylish. 

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